Electrostatic Metal Painting

Electrostatic Metal Painting

Electrostatic painting or coating is a metal painting process where the metal is given a small electrical charge while it is being painted. This charge attracts the sprayed paint particles causing them to wrap around the material giving you a professional factory-like finish with very little overspray and very low odour

With this process you can refinish furniture, fixtures, railings, doors, windows, poles, fences, aluminum, signs, or any metal surface where a factory-like finish is required.Electrostatically applied, guaranteed for 2 years and in any color of your choice with either a liquid or powdered finish.


  • No downtime to your business
  • Professional, “Factory-like” finish
  • No overspray, very clean application
  • UV and chemical resistant coating
  • Any colour including metallic finishes
  • Fraction of replacement or re-capping cost
  • Family business servicing B.C. for over 25 years
  • Coating integrity guaranteed for 2 years

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